Drawing with Silver

Ring YOU – Sterling Silver

Isn’t most of our lifes about “ME” and “YOU” ? So why isn’t there a ring for the you – that always is a me if said by somebody else?

Passion Pendant, Sterling Silver

A pendant thought for people who really love, what they do to make a living. From my point of view, that’s the key to a lucky life.  Do it with passion or leave it might have been the other opportunity for a wording on the pendant – but I decided to write “MY JOB IS … Continue reading Passion Pendant, Sterling Silver

Passion is the key – Sterling Silver Ring

Passion is the keay to creativity – written on a sterling silver band and bend into a ring. Made out of sterling silver artclay, burned in a kiln and bend on a mandrel. Blackened with liver of sulfur and polished on a bench polisher. Yay! This ring is quite heavy and the challenge was,  to … Continue reading Passion is the key – Sterling Silver Ring

Dot Connectors – Sterling Silver Ring

A circular shape, cut out of the EuViz logo, soldered on top of a massive sterling silver ring, that was made out of old british Sterling Silver coins.


Ring No. One Sterling Silver

This is the ultimate ring for the visual practitioner. With a Sterling Silver No.One Marker on top of a massive Sterling Silver Ring.  

Pendant Dot Connectors Sterling Silver / Copper

Same idea  different materials. The round cut out of the EuViz logo is out of Sterling Silver ArtClay. The pendant itself out of hammered copper. Both soldered together .

Pendant Dot Connectors Sterling Silver / Brass

This Pendant was made for the EuViz conference 2014 in Berlin. The round Sterling Silver coin on top of the brass is a round cut out of the EuViz logo.

Dotted Sterling Silver Ring

Although this ring is completely out of Sterling Silver, it consists out of two different materials. The top of the ring was made out of Sterling Silver ArtClay. The ring itself was made out of old english coins, that were out of Sterling Silver before 1919. They’ve been molten and casted into rods – then … Continue reading Dotted Sterling Silver Ring


Jellyfish is a Sterling Silver Pendant – inspired by the jellyfishes we saw at the Monterey Aquarium a couple of years ago. The Jellyfish pendant is made out of Sterling Silver ArtClay – the …. was soldered after burning in the kiln. It’s roundbaout … cm in diameter and weight is appr. … g.  

Visual Jewels – NYC Edition

The idea came up, when I went to NYC to attend the international IFVP conference in the Marriott Downtown. The 4 Elements of the IFVP logo, that has been designed by Brandy Agerbeck years ago: a globe for the word “International”, the speech bubble for the word “Forum”, the eye for the word “Visual” and … Continue reading Visual Jewels – NYC Edition


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