Beer Steam Irons

An engine needs an ignition to run – so does the brain.
And sometimes these ignitions lead to funny results. So the ignition that brought up the following pics was the facebook-story of a lady that had a glas of beer, while ironing her clothes.
The headline was “ironing with beer”. This headline lead to the igintion, that startet the engine and brought up the first image – the “Prozenta Bavaria” a steam iron with a beer-bottle adopter.

But if you can attach o bottle of beer – what about the famous “Weißbier”? In a glas off course, just to make it a little bit more complicated. Iginition started engine and lead to the following idea:

Did you see the small pot with the saussages in front of the heatet plate? I like this idea – white saussages – very popular in bavaria. Oh – the next ignition – bavaria – there’s the “Oktoberfest” – that’s popular too – I’m sure you know that. So what about a special edition for the “Wiesn”? Here it is:


What did you say? This ignition only works in Germany? Well – maybe you’re right.